Travellig time: 1h 30'

Difference in level: 150 mt

Difficulty: easy

Departure from Norea and climb along the carriage road for about 600 meters, follow the signs for Via Prea Vecchia to our right uphill paved in the first section and unpaved in the second section after the bridge over the stream Persci.


Continue along the ancient route of the “Via Crucis” encountering some votive pillars; passed the last pylon (pylon of Sant'Anna) leaving it to our right continue on the path that leads to the water source of San Francesco and from here you will arrive to the village of Prea where you can observe the many murals and the impressive parish church.

Cross the old village and crossed the stream where there's an old mill wheel turn left downhill until crossing the road near a picnic area.


From here we descent on the right along the road for Roccaforte and the first hairpin left take the dirt road to our right continuing until a concrete retaining wall keep left at the two subsequent crossroads.


On the way we will find two stables, at the height of the second turn on the left on a path through a stony ground and at a wooden bridge over the river Ellero we face Miriot houses and the village of Rastello to the right.


On the way back take the first stretch of the carriage road downhill until to the hairpin on the left and continuing rights we take across the dirt road that descends along the right shore of the river Ellero to the village of Norea.


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