The Association "Colpo di Pedale" proposes to passionate cyclists (tourist-cyclist and amateur) an opportunity to discover the wonderful hills of the Langhe, Monregalese and Roero in Piemonte, North-West of Italy, through routes to cover with the road bike, mountain bike, city bike or E-Bike.


For the strongest cyclists it's possible climb the legendary mountain passes of the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France:

Colle dell'Agnello (2.744 m), Colle Fauniera (2.511 m), Monviso (2.020 m), Colle Sampeyre (2.284 m), Colle della Lombarda (2.350 m), Colle d'Esischie (2.370 m), Prato Nevoso (1.700 m).


From the middle of april to the end of october we organize fun bicycle excursions for those who want to spend a holiday on the bike, cycling among the famous Langa's hills, into the boundless vineyards of the great wines Barolo and Barbaresco, crossing the forests and the hazel trees of the High Langa, to discover the art and nature in the Monregalese Valleys and to admire the "Rocche", the castles and the towers of the Roero.

Mountain lovers will be able to collect numerous alpine passes in an enchanting landscape on long climbs covered by the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France.

We have studied numerous routes, the main objective is to pedal on roads as far away from traffic as possible. Each Tour is designed to suit your personal needs, the excursions are "personalized", we design itineraries considering the requirements and the athletic condition of the participants.
Tell us the km per days you want to do, the difference in altitude and other requirements and we develop the itineraries.


The Association can provide the routes for road bike in three ways:



_or description detailed, altimetries and maps;

_or with a guide.


The tour can be:

"easy" for who is not cycling habitually,

of "medium difficulty" for who has a minimum of training

and for who is very trained long cycling sessions are provided between the climbs of the Langa (inscribed on Unesco's World Heritage List), High Langa, Monregalese, Roero or in the Alpine mountains.

After the tours you can discover and taste the traditional local cuisine and the great wines of this territory.


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