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13 km

Difference in level: 70 mt

Difficulty: average



An itinerary that combines the nature of the reserve between the lakes of Morozzo and Crava and history and art of the villages of San Biagio and Rocca de Baldi.


To the showcase at the entrance to the reserve walking on the track in the right bank of the Pesio river, after 10 minutes you will find the brief variant on the Crava Lake, from where you can stop at first shed for birdwatching.

Back on the trail and crossed the channel of the Lake you enter in a forest area and then you climb to the plain, met the track that descends from Crava you can reach in a short time to the artificial pond with underwater vision shed.

A few minutes walk from poplars and hazelnut trees and arrive at the visitor centre, the stop at the observation huts on Morozzo Lake and the ponds is the end of nature part of the trail.

Come out of the reserve go up to the sanctuary of Brichetto on the edge of the town of Morozzo where the path on the asphalt begins; down left to cross the Torrent Brobbio (direction Mondovì-San Biagio) along the wall of the Park Sicurtà.

Then you climb leading to the Benedictine monastery of San Biagio founded in 1014 and restored in the years ' 60 of 900.


In the fraction of San Biagio turn left down in the Valley of the river Pesio again and in the other side you leave the road for Mondovi,and turn left towards the neighbouring village of Beltrutti; then turn right in the street Pragaletto following the indications of the equine Monregalese association.


The path continues along the southern boundary of the reserve between woods and scattered rural homes with the spires of Crava and Morozzo they see between branches.


After a few kilometers, a short descent and ascent free perspective on the village of Rocca de’ Baldi, whose castle is incentive to digression to visit the medieval village.


To return to the Valley: direction Crava three corners in quick succession leading to the starting point. On the banks of the river Pesio.




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