Travelling time: 5 hours

Difference in level: 500 mt

Difficulty: easy but long (14 km)


It is a long and nice itinerary, which goes from Chiusa Pesio till the Carthusian monastery on old paths, once crossed by Carthusian monks. It is realised by the Park Organisation with the contribution of the Municipality of Chiusa di Pesio, and it allows discovering valley floor angles unknown to the habitual visitor, who normally passes absent-minded the low valley to reach by car the Pian delle Gorre. The path, ideal also by mountain bike, connects the hamlets of the Pesio Valley without touching the traffic-congested provincial road.


You start from the splendid tree-lined avenue Mombrisone and following the new signals you go along the hill till the small lake of the Peschiere; proceed till the hill at the beginning of the Saint Anna Church. You can also carry out the start from the office of the Park Organisation, thus avoiding 2 km route. The paths with some ups and downs crosses the Piancampo area and crossing the road to Pradeboni follow the indications for the Maccagno farmhouse and then for Pianpossardo and for Lungaserra.

Passing the farmhouse you reach the Vigna Hamlet on a nice level path, then you cross the provincial road and you take the road to the Olocco tower which you leave turning on the right till the road to the Fiolera Hamlet. From here you go up an asphalt road and then you turn again right crossing the valley.

You pass the houses of the place Rondetto and after a short but steep climbing you take the channel of the old hydroelectric power plant (most attracting stretch of the route) and you arrive at the S. Barolomeo Hamlet.

The path proceeds crossing the small village Croera and goes along the new biathlon shooting range; proceeding first along the cross-country trail and then along a path bordering the wood you'll reach the Carthusian monastery at least.

The itinerary due to its development of 14 km can be crossed in its completeness by good walkers only or by mountain bike lovers. However you can shorten the route starting from the place Lungaserra, or interrupting it at the S. Bartolomeo Hamlet.



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