Itinerary n° 1 - Departure and arrival town: Guarene

45 km
3 climbs (2,5 - 3 km)

Level: medium
Total gradient: 200 mt


In the simple routes in the hills of Roero can ride between the castles, towers, green spaces, typical "Rocche" and vineyards of the white wine “Arneis”. In this landscape a journey of 45 km, characterized by three climbs through the villages Guarene, Castellinaldo, Magliano Alfieri, Govone, Vezza d’Alba, Baldissero.



Itinerary n° 2 - Departure and arrival town: Montaldo Roero


58 km
5 climbs (2,5 - 4 km
Level: medium
Total gradient: 500 mt


In the 58 km tour we can go to Montaldo Roero, Monteu Roero, Santo Stefano Roero, Monticello, Santa Vittoria d' Alba, Sommaria Perno, Montaldo Roero into the vineyards of white wines, surrounded by trees pears, apples, cherries, chestnuts.

The terrain is mostly rolling to hilly with climbs ranging from 2 to 4 km in length. In the roads of Roero it’s possibile to organize flat itineraries for beginner.


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