Course n° 1 - Departure and arrival town: Clavesana


Distance 45 km

2 climbs (6 and 8 km)

Level: difficult

Total Gradient: 709 mt




The Monregalese and its vineyards, verdant valleys, ancient castles, religious buildings like the Vicoforte Sanctuary, the San Fiorenzo chapel at Bastia, the St. Mary of Pesio's Carthusian Monastero. Mondovi is the more important city in the Monregalese, Mondovi Piazza is certainly the most fascinating with its air of bygone days. In a excursion of 45 km excursion it is possible to visit the little villages Clavesana, Lo Sbaranzo, Belvedere Langhe, Murazzano and is tower, Marsaglia, the castle of Roccacigliè, Ghigliani, Clavesana. In these tours the climbs ranging from 6 to 10-12 km in lenght.



Route n° 2 - Departure and arrival town: Dogliani


Short path: 35 km

Long path: 50 km

1 climb: 10 km

Level: difficult

Total gradient: 600 mt


L'Alta Langa.

Pedal quiet roads where cherries, roses, almonds, hazelnuts and grapes flourish between Dogliani, famous for its renowned Dolcetto wine, Serravalle Langhe, Roddino, Monforte d' Alba or from Dogliani towards Belvedere Langhe, Murazzano, Bossolasco.

The route winds around risky curves so as not to lose altitude and be able to follow the high profile of the hills.

As we cross fields of grain, meadows and charming chestnut and pine woods.



Course n° 3 - Departure and arrival town: Benevello

   Short Path:

   45 km (3 climbs)

   Level: medium - difficult

   Total Gradient: 740 mt


Long path:

75 km (4 climbs)

Level: difficult

Total Gradient: 1.040 mt

 For who is very trained these are the more difficult excursions; with a distance of 45 km into the high Langa you can reach the Val Bormida cycling along the roads that carry to Benevello, Manera, Cossano Belbo, Castino, Cortemilia, Torre Bormida, Cravanzana, Borgomale, Manera, Benevello. In this tour you can admire a beautiful landscape of woods, green spaces and castles.


We can extend 35 km and continue to climb to Feisoglio then browsing a route ridge between tbe hills surrounded by beautiful woodland landscape continues to Bossolasco, Serravalle and Benevello.

Path n° 4 - Departure and arrival town: Bastia di Mondovì



125 km

Level: difficult
Total Gradient: 1.900 mt



Long and difficult excursion, 125 km with 5 climbed by 5 to 7 km for a gradient of 1.900 meters, panoramic itinerary among hills, vineyards, woods, fields, cultivations of filberts, it also offers numerous foreshortenings on the ancient villages of Bossolasco, Paroldo and Mombarcaro and on the Sanctuary of Vicoforte (XVI sec.) what it is found to the beginning of the excursion.
It was designed in the early seventeen hundreds by the architect Francesco Gallo. The architectural complex shows different styles: a Renaissance lower part, a baroque drum and dome and bell towers in various architectural styles. 



5 climbs :

Bastia M. - Vicoforte (6,5 km - Average slope 5%),
Castellino Tanaro - Torresina (7 km - Average slope 6,5%),
Paroldo - La Pedaggera (7,5 km - Average slope 5,5%),
Mombarcaro (5 km - Average slope 6%),
Bossolasco (5 km - 
Average slope 5,2%)


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